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The exterior beauty of your property can be easily boosted with an outstanding landscape with a stunning selection of plants that can match your aesthetic taste. If you are looking for a reliable landscaping company capable of taking over a project for your home or business in Bremerton, WA, you can turn to J&R Landscaping Allseason! Learn more about the excellent range of solutions we can offer you to create a natural paradise on your property!

Our Services

Commercial and Residential Landscaping

Commercial and Residential Landscaping
The superb solutions that our commercial and residential landscaping service can give you for your project are numerous and versatile. Therefore, we can create personalized outdoor paradises with a wide range of plants and trees, arranged according to the needs of the space and the client’s preferences.
Pavers Installation and Retaining Wall Construction
To prevent chaos within your landscape, with plants growing all over the place, you need to include outstanding hardscape elements in your project. You can rely on us to create pathways and small patios with pavers and to build great-looking retaining walls to keep your plants in place!

Mulching and Grass Installation

Mulching and Grass Installation
Do not forget about the health and good looks of your landscape’s ground! We can help you install the bright green and beautiful grass that you dream of for your property and provide the soil with high-quality mulch to boost the nutrients that your plants receive to grow bigger, stronger, and prettier.

Fencing and Deck Construction

Fencing and Deck Construction
A front yard landscaping project can benefit from a sturdy and great-looking fence, whereas a project in your backyard can be complete with an astonishing deck. You can rely on our specialists to install both for you! We work with several types of materials and create personalized designs!


The length and extension of your plants can greatly affect the visual design of your landscape, so you should not let them grow shaggy and out of hand. Be sure to trust our trimming experts to maintain all your plants in excellent shape and at the right size you need them to stand out!

Landscaping in Bremerton, WA

Landscapes hold a particular charm that extends beyond their visual appeal. They can certainly enhance the good image of a home or business, but they can also do marvels for the air quality around a property and even refresh the overall temperature of the place. Plus, they can add monetary value to the property and make it more energy efficient. 

Front Yard Landscaping in Bremerton, WA

We do landscaping work with a strong commitment to quality and visual appeal. To make sure we take care of both, our team follows careful processes. We strive to bring our customers’ vision to completion in each project we take on by carefully listening to the requests and preferences of our clients. Plus, we rely on excellent tools and materials to ensure results of outstanding quality. 

The Areas We Can Serve

A professional landscaping contractor from our exceptional crew is ready to take on projects on all types of properties, including those that are not located in Bremerton, WA. We have zero problems with distance, and we are happy to take some extra steps to meet you at your property in any of the following areas:

  • Rocky Point, WA
  • Port Orchard, WA
  • Poulsbo, WA
  • Vashon, WA
  • Parkwood, WA

Residential Landscaping Service in Bremerton, WA

We can give you the landscape of your dreams without complications! But first, you should grab your phone and be sure to ask for an appointment with J&R Landscaping Allseason directly. Our team is excited to reach new excellent customers, like you! Call us today!

Client Testimonials

by Carolyn R. Enloe on J&R Landscaping Allseason
Excellent Job!

I finished my front yard landscaping project without any setbacks thanks to the excellent services of this company! I cannot believe I finally have the fairy-tale garden that I always dreamed of in my own home. I fully recommend this company!

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